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Pro Quality Inc

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PO Box 12541
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United States
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(888) 800-4801

    Open Daily 24 Hours
    Janitorial Service, Industrial Cleaning, Janitors Equipment & Supplies

Quality Control

    Team and microfiber cleaning system.
    On-site cleaning specification employee reference cards
    Weekly and monthly tasks check off sheets that are kept on-site
    Yearly building maintenance service plan. Windows, Floors, Carpets. Ect.
    One hundred point quarterly inspections
    Six month client surveys and/or walk through inspections
    Customer feedback and information log that is kept on-site
    Only commercial grade CDC and EPA compliant chemicals are used
    Four filter, HEPA rated vacuums used to safeguard indoor air quality
    MONEY BACK QUALITY GUARANTEE. We offer clients the choice of up to five points of high priority that we double check nightly.  And if any of these areas fail to meet your satisfaction, receive a 5% discount on your monthly invoice.
    Set to CIMS Standards

Training & Safety

    Uniforms and ID badges
    On-site Orientation
    General Safety and Security
    Chemical Safety and MSDS
    Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    Injury Reporting
    Accident and Damage Reporting

Employee Screening

    Thorough Interview Process
    Background Screening
    Drug Free Work Force


Pro Quality wants only the best performers.  This is why we offer competitive wages and preformance based compensation for top performers.  From the cleaning technican who cleans your office, to the supervisor who inspects the work, at Pro Quality, you won’t find yourself dealing with what seems like “all new faces every day”.  Keeping good employees takes a combination of proper selection, recognition and training.  And that goes for supervisors too. We're sure you can appreciate how important it is to creating customer satisfaction to have an experienced group of trained employees.

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